Because acquiring a loan to build a new home can be tedious and sometimes complicated, we offer financing to qualified purchaser(s). Our lender will help you navigate the process quickly and easily and should have you approved in no time. Our rates are very competitive and the closing cost is some of the lowest in the industry. In fact, we will pay up to $2000 of your closing cost when you use our financing. We do this simply to offset the time it would otherwise take working with multiple lenders, but you are not required to use our lender. If you will click on the short form application (resources/financing/mortgage-pre-approval) and fill it out, we can have you pre-qualified in no time. This will also help you establish a budget for building your new home.


CONSTRUCTION FINANCING and/or construction perm loans are not necessary when you use us to build your new home. This could save you thousands of dollars. Unlike most builders who depend on the customer to bank-roll their business during construction, we furnish the money and at NO charge to you. This way, we have a financial investment in your new home, therefore we are committed to completing the project and also in a timely manner. You may not be aware that most construction lenders require 20% down? In most cases we only require 5% down if we include the purchase of the lot with your new home. And when building on your debt free lot, typically there is no down payment. Again, this service is free and could save you thousands of dollars, not to mention the problems associated with weekly draws and the uncertainly of whether or not you have over paid your builder.