Building Process


  1. First, contact Wright Homes and schedule a time to visit our design center.
  2. Share your ideas and expectations with our designer at your first meeting.
  3. Select a location to build or we can build on your property.
  4. Fine tune your plans with our designer at your second meeting.
  5. Obtain a mortgage pre-approval.
  6. Final approval of your building plans.
  7. Select designer materials and colors at our design center with the assistance of our decorator.
  8. Appraisal and final loan approved through the lender.
  9. Obtain approvals from the Health Department, Zoning, and subdivision Architectural Review Committee, if applicable.
  10. Construction begins and in most cases we will complete your new home in about 6 month, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  11. Selection of lighting.
  12. Selection of appliances.
  13. Selection of cabinetry.
  14. Review Lighting Plan with our electrician at the job site.
  15. Review Landscape Plan, if applicable.
  16. Pre-Closing Walk Through
  17. Closing and the presentation of the keys to your new home.

Our goal is to make building your new home a simple and enjoyable process. One thing we have learned is that the most challenging part of building is not always building. It's all the things that are required to do in order to build. To make the process hassle free, we can do it all for you. We are a one stop building and loan company.


  • Pay an architect or designer to design your custom home
  • Pay to have the plans drawn and printed
  • Locate a lender who understands your needs
  • Navigate the lending process
  • Acquire a construction loan
  • Pay closing cost on a construction loan
  • Make payments during construction
  • Coordinating the daily scheduling for materials and sub-contractors
  • Meeting with sub-contractors each day
  • Pay invoices for materials and labor each week and not be concerned that you are over paying
  • Meet with building officials each day (and not being familiar with the current building codes)